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Mapping Invasive Weeds with Hyperspectral Imaging

Invasive species mapping using hyperspectral imagery

Using a Resonon airborne hyperspectral imaging system, an invasive weed ("leafy spurge", Euphorbia esula) infestation was identified, and a weed coverage map was generated..

invasive species paper hyperspectral imaging Repasky This study is published in: S.C. Jay, R.L. Lawrence, K.S. Repasky, and L.J. Rew, Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 4374 (2010).

Leafy spurge hyperspectral imaging
Crop infestation data obtained with a Resonon airborne hyperspectral imaging system.
Image courtesy of Prof. Kevin Repasky from Montana State University.

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