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Hyperspectral Seed Viability Study

Using hyperspectral imaging to determine germination of native Australian plant seeds

A study of seed germination using a Resonon hyperspectral imaging system. Viable and nonviable seeds that appear identical to the human eye can be clearly distinguished using full reflectance spectra.

Datacubes from this research are available for free download at this link.

corymbia paper hyperspectral imaging Nansen This study is published in: C. Nansen, G. Zhao, N. Dakin, C Zhao, and S.R. Turner, J. Photochem. and Photobio. B 145 19 (2015).

corymbia seeds Nansen corymbia reflectance hyperspectral imaging Nansen

Professor Christian Nansen at UC Davis has contributed datacubes from this study for free public download. These datacubes, along with Resonon's hyperspectral data analysis software, are available for free download at www.downloads.resonon.com.

The graph above was obtained using Resonon's Spectronon software to calculate mean spectra of selected spatial regions in the datacubes.

For more information, see Professor Nansens's webpage at: entomology.ucdavis.edu/Faculty/Christian_Nansen

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