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Hyperspectral Imaging Applications:
Remote Sensing

Resonon provides cost-effective and easy to use airborne hyperspectral imaging solutions.

Resonon's airborne systems are compact, lightweight, and easy to use. Systems are delivered complete with hyperspectral imager, georectification software, data acquisition computer, flexible sensor mounting options, calibration equipment, and on-site integration and training services.

Airborne systems can be fitted with any of our hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the entire VNIR (400 - 1700 nm) spectral range.

Airborne systems can be mounted on both un-manned and manned aerial platforms.

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Click here to see a for a YouTube video of a Resonon Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging System in use at the Idaho National Laboratory.

classification images
Classification of tree and plant species in the Costa Rica Rain Forest, using a Resonon airborne hyperspectral imaging system.

Precision Agriculture and Vegetation

Subtle variations in plant color are clues to their species and stress levels. Resonon's airborne hyperspectral imaging systems can provide critical information for vegetative and agricultural applications.

ice sheet with instrumentation
Resonon airborne hyperspectral imaging system in action, mapping the depth of surface water on the Greenland ice cap.


Resonon's airborne hyperspectral imaging systems have been used in hydrological applications to locate sources of pollution, determine water depths, and analyze shallow seafloor ecological environments.

pipeline pipeline in false color
Mapping of pipeline leakage through vegetation stress, using a Resonon airborne hyperspectral imaging system.

Environmental Monitoring

Hyperspectral remote sensing has been used extensively to locate natural resources and track changes in the environment.

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