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Pika NUV - Near Ultraviolet Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

The Pika NUV near-ultraviolet hyperspectral imaging camera covers the 350 - 800 nm spectral range. Includes custom high-performance objective lens optimized for ultraviolet imaging.

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Spectral Range 350 - 800 nm
Spectral Resolution 2.3 nm
Spectral Channels 196
Dispersion per Pixel = Spectral Sampling 0.57 nm
Spectral Pixels 785
Spatial Channels 1600
Max Frame Rate 165 fps
Bit Depth 12
Connection Options USB 3.0
Power Requirements 8-30V, <2.5W
Weight 4.7 lbs, 2.1 kg
Dimensions (in) 3.8 x 6.6 x 2.5
Dimensions (cm) 10.0 x 26.4 x 7.3
Temperature Range 41-104 F, 5-40 C
f / # f / 2.4
Avg. RMS Spot Radius 8 µm
Smile (peak to peak) 4 µm
Keystone (peak to peak) 6 µm
Pixel size 5.86 µm

* The number of spectral channels equals the spectral range divided by the spectral resolution, and depends on the RMS spot size. The number of independent spectral channels is NOT the same as the number of sensor pixels in the spectral direction.

Objective lens specifications - Pika NUV

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focal length (mm)FOV (deg)IFOV (mrad)
17 30.8 1.47

This is a custom lens designed and manufactured by Resonon, optimized for near-ultraviolet imaging. It has high throughput and low distortions throughout the 350-800 nm spectral range.

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Resonon's hyperspectral imaging cameras can be operated using SpectrononPro software, which controls the cameras and scanning stage and has many tools to analyze hyperspectral data. SpectrononPro also has capability to accept user-written plugins, allowing the user to integrate custom data-analysis algorithms into SpectrononPro.

A free version of SpectrononPro, along with sample datacubes, are available for free download at: downloads.resonon.com.

A C++ Software Development Kit is available for customers who want to integrate Resonon hyperspectral cameras into their own software system.