Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

Aerial Imaging Over the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park, near Resonon
Resonon Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing System
Airborne Remote Sensing System
Complete systems providing georegistered hyperspectral data from drones and piloted aircraft.
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Resonon Outdoor Hyperspectral Imaging System
Outdoor Field System
Portable, tripod-based, hyperspectral system for outdoor measurements.
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Resonon Benchtop Hyperspectral Imaging System
Benchtop System - Reflectance
Laboratory system for measuring hyperspectral reflectance data.
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Resonon Transmission Hyperspectral Imaging System.jpg
Benchtop System - Transmission
Laboratory system for measuring hyperspectral transmission data.  Often used for biological and thin film samples.
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Resonon Hyperspectral Machine Vision System
Machine Vision Systems
Hyperspectral machine vision for automated sorting and quality control.
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Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras

Resonon hyperspectral cameras are lightweight, durable, and easy to use. They have low stray light, low optical distortions, and provide excellent imaging quality.  

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Pika NUV2 Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
Pika NUV2
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Pika L Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
Pika L
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Pika XC2 Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
Pika XC2
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Pika NIR-320 Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
Pika NIR-320
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Pika NIR-640 Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
Pika NIR-640
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Resonon Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras

For Manufacturers

Hyperspectral solutions for OEM applications.  
Complete Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions

Technical Excellence

High-precision data.

Rugged and Reliable

Built for harsh environments.

Superior Results

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Application Example: Invasive Weed Mapping

A Resonon airborne hyperspectral imaging system was used to identify and locate an invasive weed infestation.
Hyperspectral Classification of Invasive WeedsHyperspectral Classification of Invasive Weeds
Hyperspectral Classification of Invasive Weeds
Hyperspectral Classification of Invasive Weeds

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Complete Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions