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Complete Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

Resonon provides easy-to-use hyperspectral imaging systems for laboratory, outdoor, industrial, and remote sensing applications.

Our hyperspectral imaging cameras are high-precision, easy to use, lightweight, compact, and affordable, with excellent image quality.

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Pika L benchtop hyperspectral imaging system

Resonon in the news

Resonon releases high-precision infrared hyperspectral imaging camera.

The new Pika NIR-640 hyperspectral camera has 640 spatial pixels and 328 spectral channels, with a maximum frame rate of 249 fps.

Pika NIR-640 hyperspectral imaging camera

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Resonon teams with NASA's ARCSTONE Mission

Resonon is currently working with the ARCSTONE Mission to quantify lunar irradiance.

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Hyperspectral imaging and precision agriculture

Resonon hyperspectral imaging camera deployed in Austrailian precision agriculture farm robot. Click here and here to read more.

Resonon hyperspectral imaging camera precision agriculture robot

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