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Resonon Hyperspectral Image Processing Software optical lab
Resonon Hyperspectral Image Processing Software optical lab

Recent Achievements

Resonon’s Bio-LIF system enables simultaneous measurement of fluorophores
The Resonon Bio-LIF (Laser Induced Fluorescence) system is being used by researchers to significantly reduce the time to develop new mutations of red fluorescent proteins used for diagnostics and life science research.

Read the article here.
Resonon partners with NASA's ARCSTONE Mission
Resonon has partnered with NASA to design and build the ARCSTONE hyperspectral instrument to calibrate lunar reflectance from low-Earth orbit. The calibration accuracy will improve by more than 10x, helping to increase understanding of Earth systems (i.e., weather,  climate change) while reducing future imaging satellite costs.

View the press release here.
Resonon releases Pika IR-L and IR-L+
Resonon launched its Pika IR-L and IR-L+ hyperspectral cameras (925 - 1700 nm) in June 2022. These instruments feature fantastic spectral and spatial resolution which, combined with compact size and light weight, make them ideal for UAV-based remote sensing.

Learn more about the imagers here (IR-L and IR-L+) and on the Airborne system page.
Resonon releases Pika UV
Resonon launched its Pika UV hyperspectral camera in July 2021.  This unique instrument covers a spectral range of 330 - 800 nm, and is the only commercially available hyperspectral imager that scans ultraviolet light.

The Pika UV will enable new research and developments in insect and animal vision, agriculture and horticulture, and industrial quality control.


Resonon designs, manufactures, and deploys hardware and software for hyperspectral imaging in laboratory, industrial, and airborne environments. We are a small business that provides an exciting and friendly environment with a flexible work schedule. Current projects range from developing a sensor for a NASA satellite, to implementing custom machine vision solutions for manufacturing problems, to helping researchers deploy our sensors on small drones. We pride ourselves in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Resonon is located in Bozeman, Montana, a lively university town with excellent schools and minutes away from outstanding skiing, mountain biking, fishing, white-water boating, and rock climbing.

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