Research Publications in Hyperspectral Imaging

Research Publications


Below are research publications describing investigations using Resonon hyperspectral systems.

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Agriculture & Food Technology

Michael B. Farrar, Helen M. Wallace, Iman Tahmasbian, Catherine M. Yule, Peter K. Dunn, Shahla Hosseini Bai, Rapid assessment of soil carbon and nutrients following application of organic amendments, Catena 223, 106928 (2023).
Abdulridha J, Ampatzidis Y, Qureshi J, and Roberts P, Identification and Classification of Downy Mildew Severity Stages in Watermelon Utilizing Aerial and Ground Remote Sensing and Machine Learning , Frontiers in Plant Science , 20 May (2022).
Zongpeng Li , Zhen Chen , Qian Cheng , Fuyi Duan , Ruixiu Sui, Xiuqiao Huang, and Honggang Xu , UAV-Based Hyperspectral and Ensemble Machine Learning for Predicting Yield in Winter Wheat , Agronomy 12(1), 202 (2022).
Shubhangi Srivastava and Hari Niwas Mishra, Detection of insect damaged rice grains using visible and near infrared hyperspectral imaging technique, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 221, 104489 (2022).
Lucas Costa, Jordan McBreen, Yiannis Ampatzidis, Jia Guo, Mostafa Reisi Gahrooei, Md Ali Babar , Using UAV-based hyperspectral imaging and functional regression to assist in predicting grain yield and related traits in wheat under heat-related stress environments for the purpose of stable yielding genotypes, Precision Agriculture 23, 622-642 (2022).
Shengnan Wang, Yong Tan, Chunyu Liu, Shaozhong Song, Zheng Li, Variety Classification and Identification of Soybean Seeds Based on Hyperspectral Imaging Method, Journal of Sensor Technology and Application 10(2), 177-186 (2022).
Wenyang Jia, Saskia van Ruth, Nigel Scollan, and Anastasios Koidis, Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) for meat quality evaluation across the supply chain: Current and future trends, Current Research in Food Science 5, 1017-1027 (2022).
Hongyu Liu, Fuheng Qu, Yong Yang, Wanting Li, and Zhonglin Hao, Soybean Variety Identification Based on Improved ResNet18 Hyperspectral Image, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2284, 012017 (2022).
Xiang Yun, Chen Qijun, Su Zhongjing, Zhang Lu, Chen Zuohui, Zhou Guozhi, Yao Zhuping, Xuan Qi, and Cheng Yuan, Deep Learning and Hyperspectral Images Based Tomato Soluble Solids Content and Firmness Estimation, Frontiers in Plant Science 13, 860656 (2022).
Hu Y, Wang Z, Li X, Li L, Wang X, Wei Y., Nondestructive Classification of Maize Moldy Seeds by Hyperspectral Imaging and Optimal Machine Learning Algorithms, Sensors 22(16), 6064 (2022).
Li, Zongpeng and Chen, Zhen and Cheng, Qian and Duan, Fuyi and Sui, Ruixiu and Huang, Xiuqiao and Xu, Honggang, UAV-Based Hyperspectral and Ensemble Machine Learning for Predicting Yield in Winter Wheat, Agronomy 12(1), 202 (2022).
Iost Filho, Fernando Henrique and de Bastos Pazini, Juliano and de Medeiros, André Dantas and Rosalen, David Luciano and Yamamoto, Pedro Takao, Assessment of Injury by Four Major Pests in Soybean Plants Using Hyperspectral Proximal Imaging, Agronomy 12(7), 1516 (2022).
Mónica Pineda and Matilde Barón , Health Status of Oilseed Rape Plants Grown under Potential Future Climatic Conditions Assessed by Invasive and Non-Invasive Techniques, Agronomy 12(8), 1845 (2022).
Myongkyoon Yang, Physiological Disorder Diagnosis of Plant Leaves Based on Full-Spectrum Hyperspectral Images with Convolutional Neural Network, Horticulturae 8(9), 854 (2022).
Eshkabilov, Sulaymon, John Stenger, Elizabeth N. Knutson, Erdem Küçüktopcu, Halis Simsek, and Chiwon W. Lee, Hyperspectral Image Data and Waveband Indexing Methods to Estimate Nutrient Concentration on Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) Cultivars, Sensors 22(21), 8158 (2022).
I. Tahmasbian, N.K. Morgan, S.H. Bai , M.W. Dunlop, and A.F. Moss, Comparison of Hyperspectral Imaging and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Determine Nitrogen and Carbon Concentrations in Wheat, Remote Sens. 13, 1128 (2021).
W. Yang, T. Nigon, Z. Hao, G.D. Paiao, F.G. Fernandez, D. Mulla, and C. Yang, Estimation of corn yield based on hyperspectral imagery and convolutional neural network, Comp. Elec. in Ag. 184, 106092 (2021).
Z. Yang, J. Tian, K. Feng, X. Gong, and J. Liu, Application of a hyperspectral imaging system to quantify leaf-scale chlorophyll, nitrogen and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters in grapevine, Plant Phys. and Biochem. 166, 723 (2021).
Y. Zhang, J. Hui, Q. Qin, Y. Sun, T. Zhang, H. Sun, and M. Li, Transfer-learning-based approach for leaf chlorophyll content estimation of winter wheat from hyperspectral data, Remote Sens. Env. 267, 112724 (2021).
S. Yang, L. Hu, H. Wu, H. Ren, H. Qiao, P. Li, and W. Fan, Integration of Crop Growth Model and Random Forest for Winter Wheat Yield Estimation From UAV Hyperspectral Imagery, IEEE J. Selected Topics Appl. Earth Obs. Remote Sens. 14, 6253 (2021).
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M.A. Faqeerzada, M. Perez, S. Lohumi, H. Lee, G. Kim, C. Wakholi, R. Joshi, and B.K. Cho, Online Application of a Hyperspectral Imaging System for the Sorting of Adulterated Almonds, Applied Sciences 10, 6569 (2020).
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Research and Development Partnerships

Alexander E. Siemenn, Eunice Aissi, Fang Sheng, Armi Tiihonen, Hamide Kavak, Basita Das, and Tonio Buonassisi, Vision-driven Autocharacterization of Perovskite Semiconductors, arXiv:2304.14408v1 , 16 Mar (2023).


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Hyperspectral Imaging: General

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Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

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Environmental Monitoring

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