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Benchtop Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

Resonon's benchtop systems are completely integrated turnkey solutions ready for immediate use. The system includes hyperspectral imaging camera, mounting tower, lighting, scanning stage, power supply, and SpectrononPro control software. Benchtop systems can be fitted with any of Resonon's hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the 350 - 1700 nm spectral range.

Resonon provides easy-to-use hyperspectral imaging systems, for research and industrial applications.

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Resonon Benchtop Hyperspectral Imaging System Data Sheetpdf icon

Benchtop system components

Benchtop hyperspectral imaging system

Positions of the imager and lighting assembly are adjustable along the length of the tower.

Tutorial videos for benchtop system

Focusing benchtop system tutorial

Calibrating benchtop system tutorial

Setting aspect ratio on benchtop system tutorial

Scanning using benchtop system tutorial

Data analysis using Spectron software tutorial

Options and specifications

Hyperspectral camera options

Hyperspectral cameraSpectral range (nm)Spectral resolution (nm)Spatial resolution (pixels)Max frame rate (fps)
Pika NUV350-800 2.31600 165
Pika L 400-1000 2.1 900 249
Pika XC2400-1000 1.3 1600 165
Pika NIR-320900-17004.9320 520
Pika NIR-640900-17002.5640 249
A C++ API is available for customers who want to integrate Resonon hyperspectral cameras into their own software system. This API is provided to customers for free upon request.

Tower parameters

Height 32 in 81 cm
custom heights available
Position of camera and lights is fully adjustable along tower length.

Stage parameters

Max travel distance 35 in 89 cm
custom lengths available
Max velocity6.250 in/s15.875 cm/s
Min velocity0.031 in/s0.079 cm/s
Power requirements12 V, 2A

Stage options

Standard linear translation stage

standard linear stage
The linear stage holds the sample and translates across the field of view. Used for small samples that are easy to move.

Lighting & imager stage

lighting and imager stage
The imager and lighting assembly are mounted to the standard translation stage. Used to scan stationary objects.

Backlight stage

backlight stage
Backlighting with a clear stage platform. Often used to scan biological samples.

Standard objective lens options

Click here for more information on objective lenses.
camerafocal length (mm)FOV (deg)IFOV (mrad)
Pika L70 4.3 0.21
50 6.00.30
23 13.10.65
17 17.60.88
12 24.81.25
8 36.5 1.87
6 47.42.50
Pika XC270 7.7 0.17
50 10.7 0.24
23 23.1 0.52
17 30.8 0.71
12 42.7 1.00
8 60.8 1.50
6 76.0 2.00
Pika NIR75 7.3 0.33
50 11.0 0.50
25 21.7 1.00
6.0 77.3 5.10
Pika NUV17 30.8 1.47

Other objective lenses are available. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Custom configurations are available upon request.
Click here to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Resonon Benchtop Hyperspectral Imaging System Data Sheetpdf icon

Resonon's hyperspectral cameras are line-scan imagers. 2-dimensional images are constructed by translating the sample relative to the camera. This is accomplished in Resonon's benchtop system by placing the sample on a movable linear stage.

benchtop hyperspectral imaging system pushbroom line scan diagram