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Custom Solutions and Services

Radiometric Calibration Services

Resonon hyperspectral cameras come standard with spectral calibration. We recommend spectral calibrations be updated yearly. We also offer radiometric and spectral calibration services upon request.

Custom Hyperspectral Solutions

Resonon has extensive experience designing and building high-performance custom optics and custom hyperspectral solutions. We also specialize in embedding custom hyperspectral technology into OEM products.

We offer complete software and integration services, OEM labelling, rugged packaging for harsh environments, and radiomentric calibration options. Our optics design team is ready to meet your unique technical specifications.

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Hyperspectral Image Projector System

Resonon has designed and manufactured hyperspectral imaging projectors capable of projecting images containing as many as 1000 wavelength bands in both the VNIR and SWIR spectral ranges. These high-precision instruments are in use at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and provide spectral and spatial testing systems used to quantify imager performance.

Hyperspectral projector evaluates imagers [www.vision-systems.com]

Marine Optical Buoy

marine optical bouy
Resonon has worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to design and manufacture hyperspectral sensors for the Marine Optical Buoy, used to measure upwelling radiance and downwelling irradiance at the ocean surface for calibrating and validating data from spectral imaging satellites.

MOBY Team Presentation

Preliminary Characterization Results: Fiber-Coupled, Multi-channel, Hyperspectral

Resonon teams with NASA's ARCSTONE Mission

Resonon is currently working with the ARCSTONE Mission to quantify lunar irradiance.

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