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Hyperspectral Machine Vision

Resonon's hyperspectral machine vision systems enable automated sorting by detecting very small differences in similarly colored materials that cannot be distinguished with conventional imaging technologies.

Our hyperspectral systems utilize visible and near-infrared imaging technologies. Sorting applications include food, raw materials, and finished goods.

Resonon's easy-to-use vision software analyzes hyperspectral information in real-time to provide commands to down-stream robots and actuators.

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Machine vision components

  • Hyperspectral imaging camera
  • Real-time hyperspectral vision software
  • Touch-screen user interface
  • Lighting assembly with power supply
  • Integration and training services
  • Complete system documentation
  • Expert support staff

Who should use hyperspectral machine vision systems

  • Large-scale industrial facilities with well-defined requirements and specifications

Systems are customized for each facility

Who should NOT use hyperspectral machine vision systems

  • Individual researchers interested in hyperspectral imaging

Individual researchers should use our benchtop, outdoor, or airborne systems.

What Resonon provides

  • Feasibility investigation
  • Hyperspectral camera
  • Lighting
  • Real-time analysis software
  • Touch-screen user interface
  • Interface with customer's actuators
  • Training and support

What customer provides

  • Actuators
  • Sorting robots
  • Conveyor belts

Customer requirements

  • What objects are to be detected
  • Size of smallest object to be deteced
  • Percentage accuracy required
  • Width of conveyor belt
  • Speed of conveyor belt
  • Environmental conditions in facility

Hyperspectral Camera Options

Hyperspectral cameraSpectral range (nm)Spectral resolution (nm)Spatial resolution (pixels)Max frame rate (fps)
Pika L 400-10002.1640 249
Pika NIR900-1700 4.9320 500

Custom configurations available upon request.