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Hyperspectral Imaging Accessories

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Lighting assembly

Lighting Assembly

Current-controlled wide spectrum quartz halogen lighting specifically designed for Resonon's hyperspectral imaging cameras.

Rotational stage for hyperspectral imaging system

Rotational Stage

Tripod-mounted rotational scanning stage for outdoor applications.

Rotational stage parameters

Max travel angle 360 deg
Max rotational speed 56.250 deg/s
Min rotational speed 0.281 deg/s
Power requirements12 V, 2A

Linear Scanning Stage

linear stage
12-inch (305 mm) travel stage provides linear motion of samples. Fully integrates with SpectrononPro software.

Stage specifications

Max travel distance35 in89 cm
custom lengths available
Max velocity6.250 in/s15.875 cm/s
Min velocity0.031 in/s0.079 cm/s
Power requirements12 V, 2A

linear stage for benchtop hyperspectral imaging system

Linear Scanning Stage with Tower

12-inch (305 mm) travel stage with tower for imager mounting. Fully integrates with SpectrononPro software.

Tower parameters

Height 32 in 81 cm
Position of camera and lights is fully adjustable along tower length.

Stage options

Standard linear translation stage

standard linear stage
The linear stage holds the sample and translates across the field of view. Used for small samples that are easy to move.

Lighting & imager stage

lighting and imager stage
The imager and lighting assembly are mounted to the standard translation stage. Used to scan stationary objects.

Backlight stage

backlight stage
Backlighting with a clear stage platform. Often used to scan biological samples.