Airborne System

Providing georegistered hyperspectral data

Airborne Remote Sensing System

Photos of Airborne Imaging System

Complete System Weights

CameraStandard GPS/IMU (kg / lbs)High Precision GPS/ IMU (Dual Antenna) (kg / lbs)
Pika L1.5 / 3.41.6 / 3.5
Pika XC23.1 / 6.83.2 / 7.1
Pika NIR-3204.0 / 8.74.1 / 9.0
Pika NIR-6404.0 / 8.74.1 / 9.0

Power Requirements: 12 - 24 V; 13 - 16W operating, 23W peak

Calibration Options

Downwelling irradiance sensor
Point spectrometer oriented upwards to monitor solar illumination during flight.
Calibration ground tarps
Tarps with a known reflectance standard. Placed in the scene of interest.
Radiometric calibrationLabratory measuerment of imager's absolute response. Used during data post-processing to convert raw data to radiance.

GPS/IMU Options

Standard UnitHigh-Precision Option (Dual Antenna)
Accuracy, SBAS (m)0.60.6
Accuracy, Pitch (deg)0.20.1
Accuracy, Roll (deg)0.20.1
Accuracy, Heading (deg)1.00.2
Weight (kg / lbs)0.05 / 0.100.18 / 0.40

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