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Spectronon and SpectrononPro Software

Spectronon is Resonon's user-friendly hyperspectral data analysis software.

SpectrononPro has all the data analysis capabilities of Spectronon, and also includes controls for Resonon's hyperspectral cameras and stages.

Data Acquisition Features

  • Controls stage and hyperspectral imaging camera in Resonon's benchtop and outdoor systems.
  • Calibrates data for dark noise, illumination, and sensor response
  • Outputs in standard formats (.bil, .bip, .bsq)

Data Analysis Tools

  • Hyperspectral classification (SAM, Logistic Regression, etc.)
  • Unmixing utilities
  • Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices
  • Advanced visualization tools
  • Supports user-written plugins (Python programming language)

Download Spectronon and Sample Data

  • Spectronon and sample data are available for free download at this link.
  • Resonon provides Spectronon free to the hyperspectral imaging community. We believe that open access to hyperspectral analysis tools will contribute to developing hyperspectral imaging as an essential tool across science and engineering disciplines.

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Camera and Stage Controls

SpectrononPro allows the user to easily control the stage and hyperspectral camera in our benchtop and outdoor systems.

Stage control window

SpectrononPro hyperspectral software screenshot

Hyperspectral camera control window

SpectrononPro hyperspectral software screenshot

SpectrononPro Screenshots

Screenshot of Spectronon software operating a benchtop system with a Pika XC hyperspectral imaging camera Screenshot of Spectronon software operating a outdoor system with a Pika L hyperspectral imaging camera. The datacube from this scan, along with a free version of Spectronon, can be downloaded from downloads.resonon.com

Data analysis tools

Spectronon has many tools for hyperspectral data analysis. Below is a screenshot showing custom visualization of a datacube from the benchtop system.

Spectronon hyperspectral imaging software screenshot

Data classification tools

Spectronon contains many tools for hyperspectral classification, such as logistic regression and hyperspectral vegetation indices. Below is a screenshot of a Spectral Angle Mapper (SAM) classification. More information on hyperspectral classification can be found in the Spectronon manual.

Spectronon hyperspectral imaging software screenshot


For help with Spectronon and SpectrononPro, please email us at SpectrononHelp@resonon.com.

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