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The Resonon Knowledge Base provides additional information on hyperspectral imaging and its applications, as well as tutorials on using Resonon hyperspectral imaging products. For specific product information and documentation, visit our Product Support page.

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Introduction to Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging is the technique of acquiring a 2D image where every pixel in the image contains a continuous spectrum. A regular camera records three spectral channels in every pixel (red, green, and blue), while hyperspectral imagers record hundreds of spectral channels.

Hyperspectral imaging is useful because different materials have unique reflectance spectra, as do different plant species. Hyperspectral images can thus be used to identify various constituents in an image. Hyperspectral imaging is also used to detect shifts in reflectance spectra due to external influences, for example crop health effects due to drought and insect infestation.

What is Hyperspectral imaging and when should I use it?pdf icon

Line scan imaging

Resonon's hyperspectral cameras are line-scan imagers (also called "pushbroom"; imagers). 2-dimensional images are constructed by translating the sample relative to the camera. This is accomplished by placing the sample on a linear translation stage or conveyor belt. Scanning can also be accomplished by placing the camera on a tripod and rotating the camera, or placing the camera in an airplane and scanning the ground below.

benchtop hyperspectral imaging system pushbroom line scan diagram

outdoor field hyperspectral imaging system line scan diagram

airborne hyperspectral imaging system pushbroom line scan diagram

Tutorial videos for benchtop system

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