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Hyperspectral Imaging Applications

Resonon's hyperspectral imaging systems are used around the world in a variety of laboratory, industrial, and airborne applications.

Additional information about hyperspectral imaging can be found at our knowledge base. More detailed background is available from our research publications.

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Seed viability study - using benchtop system. Sample datacubes available.

Precision agriculture robot - with onboard Resonon sensor

Hyperspectral vegetation indices - easy to make with Spectronon

Invasive weed mapping - using airborne system

Resonon's benchtop hyperspectral scanning systems are specifically designed for easy and quick data acquisition in the laboratory. Our systems have been used extensively in biological and medical applications, including wound analysis, fluorescence microscopy, and cell biology.

Hyperspectral imaging is rapidly becoming an essential tool for tracking changes in the environment.

Resonon's airborne hyperspectral imaging systems have been used worldwide to measure surface CO2 emissions, map hydrological formations, track pollution levels, and more.

Resonon's hyperspectral imaging systems have been used extensively throughout the food industry, identifying defects, characterizing product quality, and locating contaminants.

Resonon's hyperspectral imaging systems have been used throughout the pharmaceutical industry to improve quality control. Our systems have been designed to identify various drugs, detect counterfeit and foreign material, inspect packaging integrity, and analyze powder mixing.

Resonon provides the industry's most affordable airborne hyperspectral imaging solutions.

Our airborne systems are compact, lightweight, easy to use, and can be fitted with any of our hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the entire VNIR (400 - 1700 nm) spectral range.

Hyperspectral imaging technology is ideally suited for defense applications and target identification, allowing identification of man-made materials, distinguishing them from natural surroundings.

Hyperspectral imaging is a non-contact measurement technique which provides excellent quality control for thin-film manufacturing processes.